Five Chambers Full consist of five guys who love to play good music, well. Bringing their own tastes and style to the band, they produce a live music experience that is unrivaled for diversity and energy. Get to know these five rock ‘n’ rolling outlaws by reading below.


Michael Roke (AKA The Mouth) – Vocals
This nu-metaller/pop-punker pouts more than Steven Tyler and Mick Jagger in a competitive gurning contest. That said, his lungs work just fine!


Kiran Lalbeharry (AKA Jimi – he wishes!)– Guitar
Sounding like Eddie Van Kravitz and bringing some style and panache to the band, he plays the guitar even better than he poses with it.


Dave Peak (AKA NewKid) – Guitar
Classic metal-head Dave lives “everything louder than everything else” and uses more guitars and effects than the rest of the band put together. He’s got more sounds than and played more gigs than you’ve had hot dinners.


Morgan Gooch (AKA BassintheFace, SpeakerHeadMan) – Bass
Loves Guns’n’Roses and literally can’t stop moving. Doctors can’t explain it but he’s trying to get a sponsorship from Duracell.


Sam Smith (AKA The Pretty One) – Drums
Big hitter Sam is a huge Ramones fan. You’ll definitely hear him even if you can’t see him behind the other guys, the drum kit, the amps, the lights, the banner, a few chairs and tables…but he is back there, ok?